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Stark County Tax Maps

Maps used in the process of real estate transfer and taxation are referred to as "tax" maps. These maps are generated by way of recorded deeds and plats, which are based on surveys. Tax maps may be used as general references for parcel boundaries and to obtain size and dimension information. If absolute accuracy and detail is required, the deed on file in the County Recorder's office, should be reviewed.

Parcel Identification: As a legal protection of Property Ownership, every parcel that is presented for transfer must first have its legal description checked for compliance to the County's Conveyance Standards. This process insures that the seller shown on the deed is the actual owner of record.

Land Splits and Combinations, Subdivision Plats, Replats, Annexations, Dedication and Vacation of streets and Condominium Declarations: In the process of dividing land, the original or root parcel, gives up all or a portion of its initial area while one or more parcels are defined by a new survey. This process may involve the altering of property boundaries on the tax maps and is followed up with a field inspection to view and appraise the new parcels and to insure the proper placement of buildings on the new tracts of land.



For more information contact the Tax Map Department at 330-451-7341.