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The Stark County Sheriff 's Office


The Jail Division is charged with the safe and secure operation of the Stark County Jail. The division is staffed by individuals serving is several different capacities such as Deputy Sheriff's, Corrections Officers, Drug & Alcohol Counselors, Clerks, and Supervisors. In addition contract service employees for food, medical and mental health needs also make up the division as well as volunteers. These persons ensure the security of the jail and provide the wide array of services to the prisoners that are required by state and federal laws. Some of the services are: counseling, visitation, religious, commissary sales and library.

The Stark County Sheriff’s Office has taken an aggressive lead in contracting many of these services to private companies in the community that once were performed by Sheriff's Office employees. The medical / mental health and food services are under contract to vendors and Deputies once assigned there have been re-assigned to either jail security or law enforcement duties. This concept has been proven to be cost effective and allots our limited time and resources to be devoted to the core mission of the Sheriff’s Office.

Prisoners confined in the jail include those charged with every type of criminal offense from the most minor traffic charge to those facing capital punishment. This includes prisoners awaiting trial or sentencing, transfer to a state institution, fugitives awaiting return to other states, and those inmates awaiting probation or parole revocations. Also confined in the jail are those persons committed by any of the counties’ three municipal courts, Common Pleas Courts and Domestic Relations Court.

The Stark County Jail is a 24 hour a day booking facility for all law enforcement agencies in Stark County.

The jail operational capacity is 501 inmates. There were 9,154 individuals booked into the Stark County Jail in 2013. That is 6,939 males and 2,215 females. Persons sentenced to the county jail may remain up to two years. However, the average time spent in the county jail based on bookings was 19 days.


Booking operates around the clock, seven days a week with a staff of twelve officers and booking clerks. They are responsible for the booking and releasing of all inmates. The booking clerks obtain all pertinent information from the arresting agency and the offender, which they then record in the Jail's Information Management System. The officers fingerprint and photograph each inmate for identification purposes. Officers classify each inmate for tendency of violence/vulnerability for housing purposes. They also inventory and store each prisoner's personal effects for safekeeping and contraband control. Officers ensure that before housing an inmate that the inmate showers, is issued jail clothing, a hygiene kit, bedding, and a copy of the jail Rules and Regulations.

Sex and Arson Offenders

Sex and Arson offenders are registered through the ID Bureau. A registration may consist of fingerprints, photographs, and a Duty to Register Form being completed. Offenders are registered in the Offender Watch system which is networked throughout Ohio with the 88 County Sheriff’s Offices, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) and the Bureau of Investigation and Identification (BCI&I).

Any person required to register as a sex offender must notify the Sheriff's Office every time they change their address or employment within the county or are going to move out of the county.

The number of registered sex offenders in Stark County for 2012 were 988 and the number of registrations were 1,855. There were 117 sex offenders that moved out of the county.

For 2013 the number of registered sex offenders in Stark County were 1,044 and the number of registrations were 1,851. There were 118 sex offenders that moved out of the county.

For the Arson offenders they must register once a year with the Sheriff’s Office in their county of residence. In 2013 we have registered 6 arson offenders.


Correctional Emergency Response Team: In 1998 the formation of a Correctional Emergency Response Team was started utilizing correctional officers and deputies assigned to the jail security force. These officers are assigned to each shift and respond to all planned use of force situations which may involve, cell extractions, fights and any disorders within the jail. They all have assigned positions and specialized equipment to handle these incidents.

Inmate Services

The purpose of Inmate Services is to assist inmates with non-medical social service needs and to provide inmate programs. The department consists of one supervisor, two officers, one account clerk, one commissary clerk and two clerks that assist in visitation and general office duties.

Inmate Services has many functions and responsibilities, including: commissary; inmate accounts, family and professional visitation; assisting inmates making phone calls for legal representation and social services; prisoner property releases; processing inmate property left behind; sorting inmate mail; inmate haircuts; assembling and distribution of inmate care packages; hygiene kits and handbooks. Inmate Services also arranges and supervises all in-house professional appointments for inmates by outside agencies.

The Stark County Sheriff's Office owns and operates its own inmate commissary. Commissary sales for 2013 totaled $272,585.07. All profits from the sale of hygiene products, clothing, food items and games are used to purchase supplies and equipment for the inmates. These funds are used to purchase hygiene products and clothing for the indigent inmates, winter coveralls and hats for the inmates who work outside and inmate uniforms and footwear.

Inmate Accounts is responsible for the handling of all incoming and outgoing monies for the inmates and in 2013 the amount of funds deposited was $472,775.19. Inmates released were written checks totally $472,115.64.

Inmate Services personnel supervise video visitation for the inmates which has afforded a flexibility not seen in most correctional facilities. This permits simultaneous visitation for males, females and juveniles which was not possible in the past thereby allowing expanded hours and opportunities for visitors. In 2013, We had 1,523 family and friends visits to inmates. There were 13,407 visits for females and 8,261 visits for males.

Stark County has contracted with Securus to provide collect phones in the jail for the inmates to use. State standards require that phones be available for use by the inmates from a secured area.

Religious Services: Non-denominational Chapel Services and Bible Study classes are provided each week. Currently close to 600 Clergy and volunteers are registered with the jail. Inmate Services conducts background checks on each applicant for registered clergy. Bibles and other religious materials are distributed to the inmates upon request. These books are returned when the inmate gets released from jail.

AA and NA: Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are offered weekly to the inmates. These programs are popular with the inmates since it gets them out of their housing unit and they are beneficial in nature to address substance abuse issues. Security background checks are conducted by Inmate Services of the leaders of these groups in the same manner as our registered clergy. Only those inmates who are classified as non-violent may participate in these jail programs. All programs offered at the jail are voluntary in nature and they have a waiting list due to class size limitations.

IARP Program

This is an in-house chemical dependency counseling program for inmates with substance abuse problems. On-site counselors facilitate the groups; provide case management services and aftercare. This program was developed in an effort to control jail overcrowding and to make the most efficient use of a sentenced prisoner’s time in a productive manner. The program is certified by the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services to provide counseling services. All counselors in the program are Licensed and/or Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors.

Inmate Worker Coordinators

There are three officers assigned to supervise and coordinate inmate workers. The Sheriff's Office utilizes 52 inmates as workers, 48 males and 4 females. Inmate workers are prisoners that have volunteered to work in different capacities based upon their abilities and security risk they pose. It is estimated that the labor savings that these inmates provide Stark County is over one million dollars each year.

The jobs the inmates do are as follows:

  • Scrub Gang: Inmate workers clean on a daily schedule the floors, walls, bars, windows, heating ducts, vents and lights in the jail. They also deliver and pass cleaning supplies into the inmate housing units, such things as: buckets, mops, brooms and rags.
  • Maintenance: These workers assist our maintenance personnel as helpers and provide total grounds keeping services. For example, mowing, trimming and painting.
  • Front: Two male inmate workers that keep the front offices, restrooms, lobby, classroom, locker rooms, patrol & radio rooms, as well as the Emergency Management Agency.
  • Kitchen: An AM shift and a PM shift assist kitchen contract workers with food preparation, serving of meals to inmate housing and washing of trays. They are responsible for putting away supplies from deliveries and the cleanliness of the kitchen, storeroom, and the dock area.
  • Laundry: Inmate workers are responsible for washing and drying of all inmate jail uniforms, the personal clothing of prisoners, linens, and the cleaning of mattresses.
  • Litter Detail: Litter Detail - in 2000 the Stark County Sheriff's Office, in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Transportation, started a program utilizing inmates to pick up litter along designated state routes within Stark County. This program has expanded to several crews and the participation of the Stark Waste Management District. The deputies working this assignment are paid by these agencies and Stark County is reimbursed for the use of the vehicles. No General Fund monies are expended on this very successful program.

Food Service

ABL Food Management The food service staff has one manager and six cook supervisors. All seven are responsible for serving, training, and maintaining the kitchen. They work with twenty-four inmate workers that help to prepare and deliver the meals to the housing areas. A four week cycle of menus is used and has been approved by a registered dietitian which ensures that each inmate receives an average of 2,700 to 3,200 calories per day.

In a year’s time approximately 15,000 pounds of ground meat, 7,000 pounds of turkey bologna, and over 1,000 gallons of pudding are used for these meals. The kitchen is inspected twice annually by the Canton Health Department to ensure compliance with Ohio's Food Service Laws.

Medical & Mental Health Department

The Correctional Health Care Group, Inc. (hereafter referred to as CHCG) is a specialized, on-site firm for Medical, Dental and Mental Health services in correctional facilities, specifically jails, and has served Stark County for over 27 years. At the Stark County Jail, CHCG provides 24-hour on-site nursing services and provides weekday physician coverage, with phone availability 24-hours per day. A Dentist also provides services once per week. CHCG also coordinates all services such as radiology, laboratory and pharmacy. The Mental Health Division has a psychologist, psychiatrist and 2 Qualified Mental Health Professionals.